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Whale ambergris sperm

A pile of intestinal slurry isn't something you want to encounter on your morning stroll, but a man in the UK is about to become a whole lot richer because of it. While walking his dog in Anglesey, a small island off the coast of Wales, the lucky beachgoer happened upon a piece of prized ambergris. The ambergris coats the irritant, much like an oyster coats a grain of sand to form a smooth pearl. Eventually, the waxy ball needs to come out, so the whale will expel it from one end or the other.
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Whale vomit find could net fishermen $3 million

Whale ambergris sperm
Whale ambergris sperm
Whale ambergris sperm
Whale ambergris sperm
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Ambergris: How Rare Whale Vomit Ended Up In Your Perfume

Wikimedia Commons Sperm whales, from which ambergris comes from. The name brings to mind something beautiful and soft. Alas, ladies and gentlemen, it is not. Though the name inspires luxury, ambergris is far from delightful. Long before the ambergris reaches tiny, hundred dollar bottles of Chanel No.
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Ambergris — How Rare Whale Vomit Ended Up In Your Perfume

All rights reserved. Sperm whales eject an intestinal slurry called ambergris into the ocean, where the substance hardens as it bobs along. Eventually it gets collected along shores—most often as sheer happenstance, as in the case of eight-year-old Charlie Naysmith in the U. Walking along the beach in Dorset with his dad, the boy found what looked to be a very odd rock. He and his dad used Google to help identify it as ambergris.
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A lot of people are intrigued by the current story of a dog walker discovering a lump of ambergris washed up on a beach on Anglesey, North Wales. Ambergris is only produced by the sperm whale or pygmy sperm whale. Sperm whales are the largest of the toothed whales and primarily feed upon squid. As the tangled mass of squid beaks passes through the intestines en route to the rectum, it becomes saturated with faeces.
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